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 Post subject: Arnbjorn, the Barbearian
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Full Name: Arnbjorn, son of Daeman.
Birthdate: 21st of Hammer, 1322; Year of Lurking Death
Birthplace: A small tribe bordering Lurkwood and Spine of the World

Race: Human
Age: 29
Height: 6 foot, 2 inches. (1.87 meters)
Weight: ~200 pounds. (90.7 kg)
Eyes: Green in colour with flecks of brown, round.
Hair: Reddish-brown; long and wild, generally unkempt and dirty.
Ears: Round.
Skin: Tanned from exposure to the sun; Rough from the wear and tear of the elements.
Handedness: Right-handed.
Posture: Hunched forward, lumbering; appears bigger than he really is.
Hygiene: Dirt-caked and blood stained hands, mud-streaked hair; Dirty and generally unhygienic.
Scent: Smells of earth and blood and smoke.

Physical Description: Arnbjorn is a man of a tall and proud stature, with a great mass to his physical being. His broad, barreled chest heaves with each great breath that fills his hearty lungs. Two stocky and muscular legs carry his frame as he traverses long distances. His stamina is unrivaled, being a man who can stalk a deer for days on end. His mass is weaponized with two powerful and thick arms, each bearing the strength and ferocity of a mighty black bear. His hands are meaty and gnarled, each finger tapered off with long, claw-like nails. Atop a short and wide neck sat his square head, with an even more square jaw.

His face was not a welcome sight to most, but he was not an ugly man nor outlandish in appearance. His face was ragged with the scruff of natural beard, untrimmed and wild. Small scars, tell-tale signs of the warrior, were visible on his face, though none were too gaping or obvious unless one was looking for them to begin with.

He carries himself with a sense of pride, though each step was a heavy stomp of the foot as his mass was carried forward. He walks with a lumbering stride, his arms rigid at each side and a swiftness to his feet. He stands tall, and wide, for one of the Human race as most are wary of the rather intimidating fighter before them.

Upon the flesh of his back is a wipe and gaping scar. It now serves as an unknown memory to Arnbjorn, the clawmarks of a great beast leaving their sinister and gruesome reminder.

Breakdown of visible items:
- ҉ - A hunting knife made of stone, hand-carved and sharpened.
- ҉ - A heavy, warm pelt from a cave bear.
- ҉ - A dark-brown headband, made of tough cloth. It is crusted with dried blood.

Personality Profile:
General Health: Stocky, very good health.
Accent: Illuskan
Philosophy: "Survival of the fittest, and the fastest."
Deity: Malar (venerates Tempus as well)
Initial Alignment: Neutral
Profession: Woodsman; Tracker
Courting: No one currently.
Base Class & Proposed Development: Barbarian & Bear Warrior.
Languages: Common, Illuskan
RP Tools: Rage, Frenzy, Scent, Track, Blindfight, Knowledge of natural survival and hunting.

Habits/Hobbies: As such with the "savage" peoples of the cold and unforgiving North, Arnbjorn has a tendency to be blunt and forwards, border-line rude to most. He will speak his mind, even if it is unwelcoming. However, he can hold his tongue around those he comes to respect and ally himself with, though he is not easily swayed by the honeyed words of others. Though simple when it comes to the basic knowledges of mathematics, science, and literature, he is rather intelligent when it comes to picking up new concepts. This drives him to be rather curious as to discovering new things, which can also lead to a whole new world of bizarre antics.

He has a habit of 'tasting' his kills. He believes that through consuming the blood of his enemies, he can gain the strength and courage of his foes. He tends to 'size up' potentially foes, always judging his self against those around him.

Strengths: Courageous, Driven, Honourable in battle, Honesty.
Weaknesses: Stubborness, Impatience, Easily Angered, Pride.

Before the Coast; Before the hunt:
Hidden: show

Under the silvery light of a pale moon and in the harsh wintry months, a child was brought into the this world. There was much buzz about the tribe and its people, for a child had been born under The Sign. The sign they all offered homage and prayer too; The sign of the bear. They would gather around the tent of Daeman and his tent-wife Ygritte, waiting with much anticipation. The first cries of life pierced the night, as Arnbjorn was welcomed into this world and into the arms of his father. The crowd separates and parts into two as a figure approaches the tent. He is garbed in furs and hides, decorated with totems and trinkets of a sage and a shaman. With a great, startling flap he enters the tent ceremoniously and looks down upon the naked babe. There is a twinkle in the man's eye, as he appraises and judges the child. His word, and only his, would deem the fate of Arnbjorn. He clears his throat, breaking the eerie silence. "He has the gift," he says. The people of the tribe cheer and holler in unrivaled joy at the news brought before them, and they drink and revel to the new-blood of their little tribe.


Growing up in the tribe was tough on the young bear warrior. Many, including his own father and mother, held him with high regards and expected much from him. He was, after-all, the epitome of rage and and ferocity in one single being; the bear. A creature so powerful and so fearsome that the tribe revered the creature to be sacred and holy. Even as a child he was brutish and intimidating and so the young Arnbjorn grew up with little to no shield-brothers or shield-sisters that would be called friend. He spent most of his time alone with the shaman of the tribe, who would teach him the very essence of becoming one with the bear inside. It would be then and there where the young child would learn to hone his anger and use it as a source of power and might.

Adolescence & Adulthood

Days and weeks and years passed and the once young child now grew into a hearty young man. His father and mother twinkling into their twilight years, Arnbjorn came to protect his family and his tribe. Now mastered the art of skin shifting, he was a terrible power that many did not dare reckon with. His word was final in the tribe, and many had come to respect the young leader. They did not fear him, however, for there was another beast that lurked in the woods. Shadows moved at night and something stalked the tribe and watched them, waiting. Seeing this beast as a challenge sent by the Beastlord himself, Arnbjorn vowed to slay the creature in combat, and only to return when he does so.

The Sword Coast; A Summary of Tales.
Hidden: show
(More to come with actual experiences on the Sword Coast!)

- ҉ - Find, follow,and finish off the creature that has carried him far from his woodland home.
- ҉ - Reconnect with people of his own kind.
- ҉ - Discover the one, true gift all of his people live in hope of; The Beserker Rage.
- ҉ - Survive.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas:
- ҉ - Straying from the path of rage or plunging into the blood-lust that comes with it.
- ҉ - Working for a local settlement as a tanner of hides and a skilled hunter.
- ҉ - Learning to live with 'civil' life.

Misc Facts:
- ҉ - He is self-taught, with most of his knowledge stemming from experience.
- ҉ - He has a vast wealth of knowledge about bears.
- ҉ - He can cook rather well, and he knows this.
- ҉ - Underneath that tough exterior, he is soft and caring to those he loves.

Layout shamelessly stolen from Hidennka.


Arnbjorn: Barbearian!
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